State Radio - Sudan (Audio)
published: 10 Mar 2011
Sudan Radio Service interview with Dr. Mukesh Kapila
Sudan Radio Service interviews Dr. Mukesh Kapila, former UN chief in Sudan on the tenth an...
published: 28 Feb 2013
author: 254SRS
South Sudan Radio Miryaya Interview with CARE's Dan Alder
CARE Advocacy and Communications Officer Dan Alder talks to South Sudan's Radio Miryaya on...
published: 06 Jun 2014
State Radio - Sudan
Downwind there is a comin', A rumble in the sand, It sets our feet to running, For the fea...
published: 15 May 2010
MW-DX 1296 Khz, Sudan Radio, Reiba
25. June 2014 22:58 - 23:33 1296 Khz, Sudan Radio receiced in Germany Id's at 00:04, 00:2...
published: 26 Jun 2014
Sudan Radio, 7205 Khz
28.Jan 04:15 UTC , 29.Jan.2014 03:36 UTC Sudan Radio received in Bocholt/Germany Yaesu FRG...
published: 29 Jan 2014
State Radio - Sudan
chad played in the CU cafeteria for a free calling all crows show sound quality isn't the ...
published: 04 Jun 2010
MW DX: Sudan Radio 1296 kHz heard very strong in Germany
Republic of Sudan Radio from Omdurman on medium wave 1296 kHz received in Germany during a...
published: 28 Apr 2012
author: senderjaeger
Republic of South Sudan: Community Radio Provides a Voice for the Voiceless
To provide news and information and give voice to thousands of Sudanese, Internews has bui...
published: 13 Nov 2008
Sudan Radio Service english 17745 Khz last transmission
Sudan radio service (SRS) last english transmission on 17745 Khz....
published: 09 Oct 2012
'Sudan' performed by Chad Stokes (of State Radio)
Exclusive performance of 'Sudan' from State Radio's new album 'Year of the Crow'. Recorded...
published: 27 Feb 2008
Sudan Radio Service.mp4
Sudan Radio Service 15500 Khz Receiver VR-5000 ant Dunax 4 band GP Date 06.05.11 Cet: 16:2...
published: 07 May 2011
author: HG7015swl
Sudan Radio Service 17745 kHz. 21.9.2012.
17745 kHz 1519 Sudan Radio Service Arabic G Woofferton. Distance 2221 km. Sony 7600GR. QTH...
published: 21 Sep 2012
author: SanttuDX
Sudan National Radio 1296 kHz received in Romania
A live football broadcast from (presumably) Sudan Radio, received on 1296 kHz in Gura Humo...
published: 05 Jul 2012
Youtube results:
Paul Ndiho - Sudan Radio Presenter has taken over the Air Waves.
Sudanese radio presenter's radio program "Sudan Tonight" has taken over the air waves....
published: 05 Jun 2009
author: Paul Ndiho
Sudan - State Radio
Buy Album: http://www.amazon.com/Year-Crow-State-Radio/dp/B000W1V8GW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qi...
published: 10 Feb 2011
Sudan Radio Service 17745 khz Sony ICF-SW7600
Got this Sony ICF-SW7600 Radio on Ebay as a bargain and received "Sudan Radio Service" in ...
published: 25 Dec 2010
author: Richy Schley
Sudan Radio (Sudan) 7205kHz 3/3/14 03:00~UTC - Station Announcement & News
Received by RadioPerseus in Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. with PERSEUS SDR Receiver & ALA100MS activ...
published: 05 Mar 2014