State Radio - Sudan (Audio)
published: 10 Mar 2011
Sudan Radio Service interview with Dr. Mukesh Kapila
Sudan Radio Service interviews Dr. Mukesh Kapila, former UN chief in Sudan on the tenth an...
published: 28 Feb 2013
author: 254SRS
Republic of South Sudan: Community Radio Provides a Voice for the Voiceless
To provide news and information and give voice to thousands of Sudanese, Internews has bui...
published: 13 Nov 2008
Sudan Radio (Sudan) 7205kHz 3/3/14 03:00~UTC - Station Announcement & News
Received by RadioPerseus in Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. with PERSEUS SDR Receiver & ALA100MS activ...
published: 05 Mar 2014
State Radio - Sudan
Downwind there is a comin', A rumble in the sand, It sets our feet to running, For the fea...
published: 15 May 2010
MW DX: Sudan Radio 1296 kHz heard very strong in Germany
Republic of Sudan Radio from Omdurman on medium wave 1296 kHz received in Germany during a...
published: 28 Apr 2012
author: senderjaeger
'Sudan' performed by Chad Stokes (of State Radio)
Exclusive performance of 'Sudan' from State Radio's new album 'Year of the Crow'. Recorded...
published: 27 Feb 2008
Sudan Radio Service english 17745 Khz last transmission
Sudan radio service (SRS) last english transmission on 17745 Khz....
published: 09 Oct 2012
Sudan - State Radio
Buy Album: http://www.amazon.com/Year-Crow-State-Radio/dp/B000W1V8GW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qi...
published: 10 Feb 2011
7205kHz Sudan Radio
Received in Yokohama, Japan at 20:07 UTC on November 30, 2013...
published: 30 Nov 2013
Sudan Radio, 7205 Khz
28.Jan 04:15 UTC , 29.Jan.2014 03:36 UTC Sudan Radio received in Bocholt/Germany Yaesu FRG...
published: 29 Jan 2014
State Radio - Sudan
chad played in the CU cafeteria for a free calling all crows show sound quality isn't the ...
published: 04 Jun 2010
Sudan National Radio 1296 kHz received in Romania
A live football broadcast from (presumably) Sudan Radio, received on 1296 kHz in Gura Humo...
published: 05 Jul 2012
17745khz,Sudan Radio Service Darfur,Woofferton,G,Arabic.
published: 16 Jul 2013
author: Collesbb21
Vimeo results:
Sudan, 2008 - The Talk Radio News Service
The Talk Radio News Service & Talkers Magazine; March, 2008 - South Sudan and Darfur with ...
published: 16 May 2009
Preferred Futures for African IT Projects - Erik Hersman
In the days when I hosted a radio programme on Radio Netherlands Worldwide, I really enjoy...
published: 24 Mar 2009
RedHack ►Revolution
Born with Anonymous, grow up with RedHack. Time for me to change. I will leave Anonymous t...
published: 02 Oct 2013
Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists
The U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs brings nominated jo...
published: 08 Dec 2011
author: Rob Baynard

Youtube results:
7205 KHz Sudan Radio (Al Aitahab)
Received in Moscow (Russia) 07.11.2013 03.31 UTC...
published: 07 Nov 2013
Ayuen22 Qx2013-Radio SPLA/M -South Sudan
Salama Musica and Radio SPLA/M-1980s-South Sudan...
published: 05 Mar 2014
World Radio Day 2014: Why is Radio Important in South Sudan?
Interview with a journalist from Radio Miraya on the role the radio plays in South Sudan....
published: 12 Feb 2014
Aid Sudan Radio Station Project
This video describes Aid Sudan's Radio Station Project....
published: 21 May 2009
author: aidsudan
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